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Are you a delegate?

The union consultants working for Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund are on hand to help you learn more about how unemployment benefit, voluntary early retirement and severance agreements work.

These consultants are in a position to offer you advice about the unemployment insurance fund – they have in-depth knowledge of unemployment legislation as well as being familiar with the collective agreement and other local agreements.

The union consultants can advise you on the following, among others:

  • the rules of unemployment benefit
  • the interaction between the rules for early retirement and collective agreements
  • senior employee schemes
  • severance agreements
  • salary insurance

They can also inform you what the Finansforbundet unemployment insurance fund has to offer with regard to careers advice and other employment initiatives.


+45 32 66 14 50

Do not hesitate to contact the union consultants if you need to:

NOTE: Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund is part of the FTFa unemployment insurance fund, which means that decisions on entitlement to unemployment benefits and benefits payments are made from within FTFa. As such, you should contact FTFa (phone 89 38 39 70 within Denmark) if your enquiry relates to a specific decision.