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We are the network for the entirety of the financial sector - 8 out of 10 employees in finance are members. As a member of Finansforbundet, you have access to advice and events tailored to the financial sector.


Events and courses

Finansforbundet organises a wide range of events all over Denmark. The events are tailored to the needs of financial sector employees, enabling you to acquire unique, specialised knowledge about your career, sector trends and other topics.

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10 Gode Råd Til At Få Indflydelse

Significant difference in men’s and women’s earnings

There is still a huge pay gap between the genders in the financial sector, show the earnings statistics for 2022. In 38 of 44 occupations, men earn more than women.

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Career and culture

Getting your colleague to join?

You will get a gift card of DKK 400 each time you help us get a new paying member.

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