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Save Money With Forbrugsforeningen

Forbrugsforeningen makes your money go further with discounts in around 4,500 shops and access to inexpensive holiday flats in both Denmark and abroad. Membership is free for the first 12 months.

Forbrugsforeningen is Denmark's largest purchasing association, and as a member you can save money on everything you would buy anyway. You earn a bonus – usually 9 per cent – every time you use the Forbrugsforeningen membership card. And it can actually be very worthwhile: In 2022, Forbrugsforeningen transferred DKK 11 million in bonuses to members of Finansforbundet.

You also have the option to rent one of Forbrugsforeningen’s inexpensive holiday flats.

Membership of Forbrugsforeningen is free for the first 12 months. After which it costs DKK 132 per year.

Where are discounts available?

You can get discounts on services and products from more than 150 branches; in other words, on just about everything you buy.

This applies, i.a., within the following categories:

  • Wellness, e.g. hairdresser, cosmetologist, dietician
  • In town, e.g. cinemas, restaurants, cafés, museums
  • Holiday and travel, e.g. campsites, inns, hotels, travel agencies
  • Transport, e.g. cars, taxis, bridge tariffs
  • House and garden, e.g. DIY centres, tools, furniture
  • Sport and hobby, e.g. camping equipment, bicycles
  • Family and leisure, e.g. veterinarians, baby accessories, swimming pools
  • Daily consumer goods, e.g. bakers, health food, convenience goods
  • Clothes and accessories, e.g. tailors, department stores
  • Health services and medical care, e.g. psychologists, dentists, vaccinations

Would you like to rent an inexpensive holiday flat?

Forbrugsforeningen’s holiday flats are available to rent at favourable membership prices - and you will receive an additional bonus of 17 per cent.

Forbrugsforeningen has holiday flats in:

  • Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)
  • Copenhagen (Islands Brygge)
  • Marielyst (Østervang Holiday Centre)
  • Grønnestrand (Grønnestrand Holiday Centre)

What to do

Register on Forbrugsforeningen’s website.

You will receive your card and PIN code after approx. 8-10 days. You will receive an overview of Forbrugsforeningen’s main partners together with your card. This will enable you to start earning bonuses at once.

Become a member of Forbrugsforeningen



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Contact Forbrugsforeningen

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