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Collective Pension and Insurance via PFA

Take out a collective pension scheme with PFA pension, where you can also take out collective insurance policies. This will provide you with greater financial security in the future and security if you fall ill here and now.

PFA Pension's offer for a collective pension scheme and insurance is called MemberPlus. MemberPlus guarantees that you are provided with a pension scheme and insurance policies that include, e.g., a lump sum payment in the event that you fall critically ill and regular payouts if your ability to work is reduced.

Individual options

The conclusion of an agreement with PFA Pension contains a certain amount of insurance cover as standard, which you can supplement with individual options.

The basic package contains:

  • PFA Critical Illness: lump sum payment of DKK 125,000
  • PFA Occupational Capacity: regular payout of DKK 150,000
  • PFA Life: lump sum payment of DKK 300,000.

Minimum contribution to pension scheme

In order set up MemberPlus with insurance policies, you must pay a minimum of DKK 2,000 a month to your pension scheme, which - as with other pension contributions - is tax-deductible.

If you choose to pay the minimum amount and risk cover corresponding to the basic package, the price for risk cover is as present DKK 553. This means that you will save up DKK 1,447 for your pension. Remember your payments forwards pension is tax deductible.

What to do

Read about MemberPlus and your options on PFA’s website.

You can also book an hour with PFA Pension for online advice by calling +45 39 17 60 19.

Contact PFA Pension

39 17 60 19