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Guaranteed remuneration

Why choose ‘salary insurance’? Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund provides one of the best-value salary insurance policies on the market – i.e. one of the least expensive and providing some of the best coverage.

It can be hard to live comfortably on unemployment benefits of DKK 20,359 gross per month (2024 figures), especially if you had a high salary before. Salary insurance gives you that little extra peace of mind by providing a solid supplement to your unemployment benefits. We cover up to 90 percent of your previous salary.

Bear in mind also that your premium is tax-deductible in the same way that unemployment benefits from the fund are.

Five benefits of salary insurance

Financial security
You will be more financially secure if you lose your job.

Coverage for up to 36 months
The salary insurance can be paid out to you for up to 36 months.

Up to DKK 40,000 more
You can receive up to DKK 40,000 per month on top of your unemployment benefit.

Coverage for up to 90% of your salary/wage
The combination of salary insurance and unemployment benefits enables you to receive up to 90% of your previous salary.

Coverage until your 65th birthday
You can take out salary insurance and be covered fully until your 65th birthday.


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