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Unemployment insurance fund for students

If you are a student and aged under 30, it is possible for you to gain free membership of Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund. Why not sign up today!

You will be entitled to unemployment benefits right away if you have been a member for at least one year when you finish your course. If you delay signing up until you have finished your course, a one-month waiting period will apply, meaning that you will lose out on monthly unemployment benefits of up to DKK 20,359 (2024 figures). We of course don’t need to tell you how annoying that would be, knowing that you could have been a member for free.

Your guide to navigating student life and the graduate job market with success

Click, listen and read your way through 21 relevant topics that will help you be more successful as a student. Read, for example, about how to take notes more effectively, how to plan so that you stay on track and how to resolve conflict in your group. Click here to go to this guide for students.

Over 30 years old?

If you are aged over 30, we cannot give you completely free membership, but we do waive the administration fee for you, which means that your membership costs a much cheaper DKK 368 per month rather than DKK 488 (2024 numbers). In this case too, you have to be a member for at least one year before the end of your course in order to receive unemployment benefits immediately.

As such, we recommend signing up one year before the end of your course.

Go to the front of the job queue

We know that you would much rather have a job than unemployment benefits. We also know the job market you are going to be part of. That’s why we discuss your situation with you, i.e. to feed back in ways that fine-tune your skills and motivations so that you find a job quickly.

Your guide to prospering as a student


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